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Youth Protection Training

Youth Protection Training is required every 2 years. There are several ways to complete the training.

For returning volunteers, if you completed the training last year (i.e., 2017) the Adult Registrar should have a record of it. Verify when you submit your health forms or send an email to check.

If your training is more than 2 years old or if you have never been trained, you need to find a course to take. Here are suggested options:

  • Self-Study Option 1. The Riverbend Retreat Center has an approved Youth Protection Training online that other organizations can use. You can find the materials and exam HERE
  • Existing Boy Scout. If you are associated with Boy Scouts, you can provide the Adult Registrar a copy of your card. This will need to be from the “classroom” training not the online training.
  • Other. There are other approved courses available. You can find the approved list of programs published by the Department of State Health Services by going to: and then downloading the PDF document (updated 3/29/2018). Look for courses that starts with YC (rather than CMP) and that have an expiration date beyond 2017. 
  • (To answer questions that have been previously asked, the courses offered by the Diocese of Austin and by Texas A&M are NOT on the approved list. The Texas A&M course is for campus programs, rather than for your camps. I do not know why the Diocese of Austin is not on the list. Maybe they do not run any youth camps so do not need to be on the list.)
  • Girl Scout of Central Texas Online Training. The results from this online training go directly to GSCTX not the Camp Howdy Registrar. Therefore, let the adult registrar know this is the path you are taking. Please allocate 1 hour of uninterrupted time to complete this training. You will encounter 8 short videos which will be followed by several examination questions related to the content of the videos.  You must watch the videos in their entirety in order to be marked for completion. You may wish to take notes as you watch the videos. Go to: GSCTX Youth Protection Training

Please let us know if you have questions.


Kay, your friendly Adult Registrar